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Check out a few video testimonials from people who have recently sold us their watch.

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Jack's Testimonial

My name is Jack Robinson, I live in Park Ridge, Illinois, and I wanted to tell you about a recent experience I had with WatchPayer. I had purchased a Rolex President's Watch with a bark band back in 1981. I wore it for many years but has basically sat in a drawer over the last seven or eight years as I replaced it and have worn different watches since then.

I heard about WatchPayer, I went on their website, I filled out the information and sent it to New York. I received a response immediately and in addition I sent a picture of the watch and a picture of the paperwork in the box that it came in, or I purchased it when I bought the watch. And I received a response back within I think 24 hours regarding a very, very fair quotation to purchase the watch if I was interested.

I agreed to sell the watch, they explained completely what the process was, that the money would be sent to an escrow company,

And after I sent the watch to New York, I dealt with a gentleman by the name of Dave who was very professional, very knowledgeable, and responded to all my questions. And upon receipt of the watch in New York, they actually sent me a shipping label, I took it to UPS, I sent the watch, and within I believe 48 hours, they said that they accepted the watch, it was exactly what I said it was and they released the money from escrow and they in turn sent the money in my checking account.

So it was a very smooth transaction, very professional, and I would highly recommend WatchPayer if anybody is interested in selling a high end watch through that process.

Thank you kindly.

Ben's Testimonial

Hi, I just want to tell you about my recent experience with WatchPayer. I got a gift from my ex about two and a half years ago, and I wanted to sell it. I didn't want it anymore. And I started looking around for sites that'll buy my used watch. I stumbled upon WatchPayer and other companies.

Why it was so easy with WatchPayer was I just submitted. I told them I wanted to sell my watch. Immediately I got a response back with an offer. I compared it with the other offers that I got, which were slow to come from other companies. And the offer was better than the other companies, and everything was just smooth and efficient.

And one of the best things, also was it goes through an escrow so I just was confident. I mean, you never really know people until you know them. So everything that went through the escrow was perfect.

I think the biggest benefit for me, and this is actually, it's just that there's a great team there. Everything was quick. Everything was efficient. And I just recommend. It was just so simple and something I was worried about was just easily done. So thanks guys at WatchPayer. Thank you very much. I'll continue to recommend.

Ron's Testimonial

Hello, my name is Ron. I want to tell you about the recent experience I had with a company called

I purchased a very expensive watch some 20 years ago, and I was interested in selling it. I have no experience in selling online at all, but I found the company through Google and I decided to approach them.

I approached them and described the watch generally. Within a very short time they asked me back for pictures, for the commendation, and for the original box if I had it. Once I had it, they decided to give me an offer. The offer was very good.

At that point, I took the UPS label that they gave me, went and sent it to them. As I sent it to them, the money appeared in an escrow account at Upon checking it, within 48 hours or less they announced to me that the watch was exactly what I said it was and therefore they released the money to my checking account. The whole transaction from beginning to the end was very seamless.

I would say if I had another watch to sell, I would sell it, entertain selling it through The process was seamless and very efficient.

Thank you very much.



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