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How it works?

Here's a step by step breakdown of how the watch selling process works:

Quote Request
You fill in the form with as many details as possible in order to get the most accurate quote from us.

Quote Sent
WatchPayer sends a quote according to the form you filled.

Quote Accepted/Rejected
If you choose to reject/ignore our quote then this will terminate the sale process from our end. Once you accept the quote we will initiate a transaction request through under your name and contact info.

Open Account on
Once you agree to our quote you will open an account with and upload your payment info. Then we will be able to deposit the funds into your Escrow account.

Shipping label printed and package shipped
After the funds have been deposited in your account you will be able to print a Pre-Paid and fully insured shipping label from us.

Watch Received for Inspection
If your watch is in poor mechanical condition and needs service and/or has aftermarket parts and/or is in a much worse condition than it was described we might send a correction to the original quote or send the watch back to you. If you choose to accept the corrected quote then we will release the payment within 1 business day. If you choose to reject it then we will ship the watch back to you at our expense. If the watch is fake then we will send it back at your expense.

Payment Released
Once the inspection phase is completed successfully without a correction or the corrected quote was accepted then the payment will be released to your account within 1 business day.

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